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快手黄版软件直播 Award for Excellence in Scientific Research


As part of the university quest to improve scientific researches quality for faculty members and researchers from Palestinian universities and to support genuine scientific researches, AAUP Excellence Award for Scientific Research encourages the university鈥檚 pioneer role of supporting scientific research and honoring distinguished researchers in Palestine. The award aims to honor researchers鈥 scientific and searching efforts to that is published or approved to be in prestigious scientific journals with outstanding reputation. Award standards based on the quality researcher adds in his field raising it in various aspects.

1. Award goals:

  • Encourage and support researchers at Palestinian universities to make genuine, specialized and unique researches.
  • Raising the quality and quantity of scientific researches results at Palestine.
  • Honoring active researchers at their scientific fields.
  • Improve the scientific researches culture at all educational levels.
  • Encourage publishing at significant scientific magazines and periodicals.
  • Enhance scientific competitive among researchers for advancing their researches levels.

2. Target group:
听听听 Faculty members of Palestinian universities holding PhDs.

3. Time frame for researches:
听听听 The award covers all the researchers鈥 works and research accomplishments for two years from announcing receiving competitive researches for the award.

4. General terms for the award

  • Applying for the award only at specific announced time the beginning of the calendar year.
  • The applied research must be made by a Palestinian university faculty member during working inside the Palestinian universities or during an official research outside it.
  • Only one research can be submitted for the award
  • Applicant must be a main researcher and within the faculty members of the university they work in
  • The research should be genuine and published in accredited scientific, specialized magazine don鈥檛 accept abstracts, short correspondence or revisions
  • The research should be written in Arabic or English.
  • Award winners can apply for the same category again only after a period of three years
  • Applied research should be published within the two years before announcing the award date (from January ,1听2021 to December听,31听2022).
  • Submitted researches should include the name of Palestinian university where the researcher work.
  • Deans鈥 council have the right upon the Award Committee recommendation to withdraw the award from the researcher if it鈥檚 proven that the winner violates scientific research ethics. Those who lost the award can鈥檛 apply for it again
  • You can鈥檛 submit a research that already been awarded from others at the same level or higher
  • Winners have to present a visual presentation of their winner researches
  • The application should include a recommendation from the researcher鈥檚 university
  • Researches from other categories than the award can鈥檛 be considered
  • Applicant can鈥檛 object on the final results

5. Award applying mechanism:
听听听 Researcher have to fill the award鈥檚 form based on 快手黄版软件直播 Announcement at the beginning of each year and attach:

  • The research
  • Application form
  • Summary of the research in Arabic and English
  • Applicant/s CV/s
  • Nomination recommendation from the institution where the applicant works in
  • Obligation to state that all submitted data and information are true

All needed papers should be sent to email: AOEataaup.edu the Deadline is on Thursday 02/03/2023

6. Selection Mechanisms

  • Forming primary judging committee of 快手黄版软件直播听faculty members and / or Palestinian universities听faculty members as university president decided with Scientific Research Council nomination to study applications to match excellence standards and acceptance according to judgment system.
  • Approved applications by the committee in accordance with Section (a) transferred to an international jury of experts and specialists approved by university president.
  • Evaluation criteria for outstanding research based on; the research originality, scientific value, systematic adjustment in the research, the research contribution to add new scientific accumulation in the area it covers, in addition to other criteria the committee might adopted (magazine鈥檚 classification, impact factor, applied benefit for society, etc).

Proposed Award:

a. The award will be given to winner researches in one of these fields:

  • Natural, Engineering and Technological Sciences
  • Health and Medical Sciences
  • Social and Humanitarians Sciences

Every branch award consists of:

  • Certificate of appreciation
  • Medal or Honor shield
  • 4000 dollars in cash

b. In case more than one faculty member joined in making the winning research the cash prize will distributed as follows:

Award distribution mechanism

Number of researcher

Distribution rate

Solo research


Joint research

60% First Researcher

40% Second Researcher

Joint research with two researchers

50% First Researcher

30% Second Researcher

20% Third Researcher

Joint research with three researchers or more

50% First Researcher

50% For the rest

For more information please contact Prof. Mohammed Awad 鈥 Dean of Scientific Research. Email: AOEataaup.edu or call Mrs. Areej Kaspary on Tel: 04-2418888 Ext. 1196.

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