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University Clinic

Head of Clinic: 
Dr. Ahed Zakarneh

     The clinic started providing services since the opening of the University and was developed to work with qualified staff. The clinic includes two male and female doctors, two male and female nurses,  as well as a secretary to provide medical services to patients.


The development of all services provided in the clinic.


Seeking to provide medical services to patients and the community using the best of our abilities and all resources available.

  • To focus on significant health issues affecting the targeted population.
  • To assess health care needs versus available services for the low-income and uninsured students.
  • To confirm that program methodologies are on the right track.
  • To encourage early prevention and treatment of illness for low-income and uninsured students.
  • To increase awareness and prevention of disease through patient education and counseling.
  • To act as an advocate on a patient’s behalf in order to obtain medications through Pharmaceutical Access Programs.
Contact Information: 

E-mail: ahed.zakarnehataaup.edu
Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.:1212
Doctor’s cell phone:  0599887751

Sub Units: 

Emergency room

Recovery room


The clinic provides healthcare for students, staff, members of the local community, and transfers cases to specialized hospitals and clinics.

The clinic offers first aid in cases of emergency (burns, cuts etc…). It also provides some medications in the form of injections and pills.

The clinic follows up on infectious diseases and prevents their dissemination among students of the University and the local community by coordinating with the Directorate of Health in Jenin / Department of Epidemiology.

The clinic could help students with getting other health services available in the university such as Dental Treatment, X-Ray, and Blood Testing through each specialized department.