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Office of Vice President for Medical Schools Affairs

Vice President : 
Prof. Mohammad Asia

Vice President for Medical Schools Affairs main purpose is to develop academic and administrative services, continue to advance and upgrade medical education programs to the highest degree of excellence in medical fields.


Creating a unique effective academic environment that significantly increases quality education and advanced teachings to upgrade and leverage learning outcomes for students.


Presenting highly qualified graduates that engage in improving the health of our patients and the community we serve, through providing excellence and leadership in education and applying high academic performance to enhance educational outcomes in the theoretical and practical courses by adopting new technologies and advanced teachings for all medical specializations.

  1. Significantly increase quality education and its outcomes for all medical specializations.
  2. Enhance medical schools development in teaching and adopting new cutting edge technologies and devices.
  3. Encourage Transformative scientific research that positively impact the health and welfare of our local community and internationally.聽
  4. Continue to advance medical education programs and curriculum to meet with the needs of AAUP and the society.
Contact Information: 

Email: Mohammad.Asiaataaup.edu
Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1214

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