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Office Of Vice President For Academic Affairs

Vice President : 
Dr. Muayad Abu Saa

The office of Academic Affairs consists of the Vice President听for听Academic Affairs, an Assistant of Vice President for Academic Affairs, an office manager,听and a secretary. Its daily tasks, in general, include following up the academic process and the adherence to the academic plans by weekly follow up with Faculty Deans and setting up mechanisms to develop the academic process and academic staff. 听In addition, the office of Academic Affairs is responsible for developing and carrying out the mechanism of student evaluation on time and based on a predetermined study plans. Moreover, it is responsible for following up with the registration office to ensure that classes are offered based on student needs and working on techniques to make it easy for students to register for courses. Finally, the office of Academic Affairs leads the process of setting up systematic and well-studied policy to admit students for different majors.


The Academic Affairs office at 快手黄版软件直播 affords facilities to sustain a comprehensive academic community that is committed to creating new knowledge and spreading that knowledge to future generations.


The Office of Academic Affairs upholds, provides leadership on, and carries out the academic mission of the University. In service to this mission, the office:

  • Promotes and sustains the highest standards in teaching, research and service.
  • Fosters and advocates for faculty.
  • Promotes a respectful work environment, equity and inclusion, and a family-friendly workplace.
  • Supports and coordinates matters that pertain to faculty and academics, including hiring, retention, promotion, and tenure processes.
  • Advances university outreach to the community and academic extension.
Contact Information: 

Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1122

Fax #: 04-2510817



Reviewing and updating the academic status of the university to jibe with its partnerships at the national, regional and international levels.

Implementing the quality assurance in education

Reviewing and upgrading all the existed academic curriculums, as well as creating new ones .

Establishing a robust, enabling academic infrastructure involving laboratories, centers, academic tools 鈥tc.

Developing and updating the learning tools using the most cutting-edge technologies.

Ensuring transparency and commitment to the university rules and regulations

Recruiting highly qualified academic staff.

Decentralizing the academic work by giving the deans and chairs of departments more authority, consistent with the regulations .

Working to develop a strategic plan for the next five years.

Working with other Palestinian, regional and international universities and institutions through concluding academic agreements that account for academic exchange, research鈥tc

Seeking to develop the capacities of academic staff by organizing workshops and training sessions in different disciplines .

Developing the student academic counseling in collaboration with the admission and registration department.

Ding and maintaining the library through increasing the number and the quality of the books and the journals using high sophisticated technologies