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Presidents’ Assistant for Community Affairs

President Assistant: 
Dr. Laila Herzallah

Since its establishment of the university the administrators have sought to synthesize the values and standards of the university with the community. They naturally considered it necessary to build and maintain good relations with the community to enhance the University's reputation.

The university's relationship with society is an integral part of the university's identity and philosophy. Engaging with the various components of society is one of the priorities set by the university's strategic plan.


The Vice President's Office for Community Affairs seeks to play an active role in the community by harnessing the University's various resources in the academic, technical, research and sports fields in order to serve and support the local community and enhance the University's reputation in the community.


The Office of the Vice President / Assistant for Community Affairs promotes the participation of the University and its members, students, academics, administrators and graduates, in community activities aimed at breaking the barrier between the academic community and the local community. The office also serves as a gateway for communication between the university and local governmental institutions, Charities and community leaders so as to achieve memorandums of understanding with the concerned parties.


The Office of the Vice President / Assistant for Community Service shall continue its contributions to the achievement of the University's objectives through serving the Palestinian community by providing services to the public and private sectors in the local community. This ambition reflects the extension of the common interest of the University in the welfare of the local community. The team working in the office of VPCA  implement such services during the community service programs whereby every student in the university serves 100 contact hours of work in official institutions or non-profit organizations and charities, and activities.

These goals are reflected in the following points:

  1. Developing relations between the university and governmental and private bodies, both locally and internationally.
  2. Providing services to the public and private sectors in the local community through the practical application of the university students in the various disciplines offered at the university by identifying the needs of the local community in various fields (health, legal, sports, financial, environmental, ........ ....).
  3. Transferring of academic knowledge, both scientific and humanistic to the community.
  4. Providing academic and vocational programs that meet the needs of the Palestinian labor market.
  5. Serving the community through voluntary activities for students and help students to develop a sense of belonging to the community.
  6. Developing professional partnerships of mutual benefit between the university and various local institutions to contribute to community development.
  7. Keeping abreast of technological development to serve and develop society.
  8. Encourage students to participate in community activities both inside and outside the university and encourage them to contribute to the service of the Palestinian society.
  9. Establishing volunteer programs that will help students develop their sense of belonging to the community.
Contact Information: 

Email: pacaataaup.edu
Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1341
Mobile #: 0599136653