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President Message

Welcome Message

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快手黄版软件直播听(AAUJ) is working around the clock in a vibrant setting to realize the mission set by the founders. To this end, the university staff and students are working hand in hand to serve the goals of the institution and the surrounding community at large.

The challenges of the 21st听century are multiple and they necessitate innovation and creativity, thus moving beyond traditional methods of teaching and communication. We pride ourselves in producing graduates who are well-prepared for distinction and competition locally and globally. We are focused on consolidating the Palestinian national identity.

Coupled with the efforts made by the academic/administrative staff are the resources and academic incentives provided by the Board of Directors. Equally important are the efforts exerted by the Board of Trustees; all working collaboratively to produce tailor-made programs that can meet the demands of the labor market.

We believe that both academic and administrative staff members should enjoy a democratic climate that allows for critical thinking, self-expression and tolerance in furtherance of societal development.

Now, I find myself obliged, with all the powers conferred on me, to further these efforts towards achieving the AAUJ听惫颈蝉颈辞苍.

Prof. Ali Zedan Abu Zuhri

University President